Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bargain Books at the Local Library

I'm a huge fan of books! I love them to the point that when I walk into the library I'm overwhelmed, because I'd really like to read them all! I just wanted to give you all a heads up on buying used books from your local library.

Libraries often have extra books - either from donations, or from the shelves themselves. Ask at your local library what/if they do anything with the old books. I've found that the Longmont library has a free used book area in the underground parking garage - and I've found some great books there! Our local library has a small room (that I rarely ever see anyone in) with used books and movies ranging in price from $.25 to $1.00 - and that includes hardback books and Disney movies! Some of the books I've bought there were so lightly used that they look new!

Check out your local libraries and let me know what you find. Feel free to post comments (or send me a message so I can post it as well) if you find any library bargains in your areas!

New Security Measures

I realized that I've got a lot of personal info out here about the kiddos - so I've changed the kids pages to be invite only. If you'd like an invitation, please let me know!

Are You All Signed Up?

I've been encouraging all of you to sign up for at least two of the blogs that I follow and I'm checking in again to see how you're all doing!

DealSeekingMom is a superblogger - she posts new deals on a daily basis. Occasionally she will post deals that are long term and I think can benefit everyone. Those deals I try to list here for any of you who have been checking in. She also posts deals that change weekly, some even limited to the same day. That's why it's important to sign up to follow her blog. There is a quick index inside each of her emails, so you can quickly tell if there's anything of interest to you. MomsNeedToKnow is very similar. These two gals often list the same deals, but sometimes one gets the message out earlier than the other. That's why I'm signed up to follow both.

The other major benefit to following these two blogs is that they both cover a variety of stores/brands and sometimes come up with different deal scenarios. I really love getting a good deal on the stuff that I need. I recently paid $2.22 for more than $20.00 worth of grocery items - which made it feasible for me to buy Spencer a school T-shirt!

Sometimes you find great deals on items that you may not need yourself. My thoughts on these items are this: if you don't need it, don't get it - if someone else may benefit from it, get it and donate it. I don't mind paying tax only on items that can be donated to the church, local shelters/charities or even my neighbors.

I'm going to try to get more active again on posting good deals as I come across them. If you have any bargain tips please shoot me a message!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Another free DVD for your girls!

Yay - Free stuff for the kiddos! It looks like a cute one - similar to the Barbie movies that my daughter is in love with.

Click on the following link to order your free princess dvd:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another free DVD for your boys!

It looks like we have a new free Geotrax DVD from Mattel! This one is “Steamer & Samuel Save the Day”

Click the following link to sign up for your free DVD and allow 12-14 weeks for delivery:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rite Aid Chocolate BOGO

Hey all -

If any of you have been getting those Chocolate Relief Act coupons from the Friday freebie (see the post in the archives) - Rite Aid has a great deal going - so it's a good time to use them! If you have a nearby Rite Aid they are offering BOGO on their Mars candy - use one Chocolate Relief coupon on the two items and you end up getting both items for FREE! Yay!

More Free Chocolate - Godiva

When you join the Godiva Rewards Club you get a free chocolate every month. I know, you still have to go to a Godiva store - but if you happen to go to a mall once a month why not grab a free treat while you're there? As a rewards member when you spend $10.00 in any one transaction you qualify to receive another gift each month (please don't take that as me encouraging you to spend money haphazardly!)

Go here to join the club:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Free Floss

I've already printed and done this deal. For any of you who are in need of dental floss, head to to print out a couple of the listerine coupons. If you read the fine print on the coupon, the last item it's good for is Reach Floss (which is only $1.00 at our local WalMart.) The coupon is good for $1.00 off - making your floss FREE! Yay! Who doesn't like free stuff? Remember, you can print the coupon two times from each computer you have access to - so stock up if it's something you use!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Free LEGO Magazine Subscription for Your Little Guys

Hey all -

I signed Spencer up for this free magazine - I thought you might enjoy it too. Here's the description directly from the LEGO site of what this fun magazine offers for your little LEGO kids:

* Stories little ones can read on their own, or with Mom or Dad
* New, simple models built with common bricks
* Fun comics, coloring pages, puzzles and games
* Sneak peeks at new LEGO sets
* Cool Creations – pictures of models built by kids 6 and younger
* And much more!

Click here to sign up for the subscription. Enjoy!

Fun Freebie For Little Girls

Here's another free dvd! This one is more girly (princesses)! Click here to be directed to the page to request your free copy. No, you don't have to pay shipping either.